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Roger - California

"My advice?  Hire her before the other party does!

In late 2008 I sought the services of an attorney for help with my custody battle.  I was refered to Dena by a couple that had a very good experience with her.  After meeting with Dena, she informed me that my case would be a very tough one.  She told me she would do everything she possibly could for my case.  She lived up to that promise.  Dena did not give up an inch in my case, even when the other party was making things very difficult.  In the end we had to go to court for a final decision - a decision that awarded me primary custody of my daughter.  Dena's resolve and quick wit proved to be true assets in the court room. 

I am very pleased with the experience that Dena helped to provide not only for me but my entire family during a difficult time.  I found her prices to be fair.   I strongly recommend her services and plan to retain Dena again should the need ever arise"   

George - Nampa, Idaho

"I can't give Dena a high enough recommendation. I had a very serious custody problem. I talked to several attorneys and they ALL told me there was nothing I could do. I was so desperate, I even tried to go to court by myself and got crushed! Then I found Dena. I told her my problem and I'll never forget what she said. She looked right at me and said, "No problem."

Without going into detail, I now have 50% custody and see my kids ALL THE TIME!!! I even told another attorney about Dena and he said, I quote, "she's a pitbull." Trust me...if you want something done right and you don't want a lot of song and dance, just straight answers, you need this woman on your side. Call her if you're getting divorced or you need to modify. If you don't call her, you're asking for trouble! Thanks Dena!"